Minutes of the general meeting of Worrall Community Association Ltd held at the Memorial Hall on Friday 7th October 2016

Agenda Item Notes Action/responsibility
1. Apologies Janet Cole, Stuart Cole, Mandy North, Dave North, Mike Smith, Helen Smith, Vickie Priestley, Lloyd Priestley, Jez Knowles.
2. Present Carol Hollingworth, Carole Pipes, Janet Walster, Peter Walster, Julia Bryan, John Beadman, Christine Beadman, Frances Revels
Julia welcomed everyone to the meeting
3. Minutes of the previous meeting The minutes had been circulated and read. There were no matters arising.
4. Notification of other business Directors to discuss the bench in the grounds and the staging after the general meeting.
5. Reports
a. Financial At the moment, there is £27,399.37 in the current account, £797.80 in cash and £7,708.89 in the Scottish Widows account, giving a total of £35,906.06. The biggest bill has been £1,259.01 for insurance. By signing with the same company for 3 years, we have a 10% discount. The Upcycle project did not get a grant from the Arts Council so have returned the money we donated. We have been awarded grants from the Ward Pot for afternoon teas, chairobics and keep fit. At the moment, all three groups are being subsidised by WCA but we will start using the grants on October 1st. The Keep Fit instructor costs £25 a week, so we would have to look at funding when their grant runs out and maybe look for other grants. We have had a donation of £100 from Stocksbridge and North Sheffield TARA, it will go towards replacing the two benches in the grounds.
b. Bookings There have been 7 parties since the last meeting and there are 5 more booked this year. There is a party after the bonfire, Kelly coming to clean Sunday morning.
c. User groups Keep Fit- Monica sent a report. Numbers have gone up to 12. Maybe need more advertising and made clear that it is open to all ages. Chairobics- 7- 10 regular members. Afternoon Teas – numbers vary 17-22 regular members. Vickie is doing scones and Chris is doing the cake. Need to send a thank you card to Margaret for baking the scones for many years. Line Dancing – Jacky is doing first half, Wendy doing second half. Have asked for an extra key. Meeting next week to see if there is any interest in re-starting Mother and toddler group. Julia to design form for key – holders.
d. Building and Maintenance Put a lock on maintenance cupboard because things are going missing. Pete has repaired a chair; the fire alarm has been tested. The fire door has been adjusted and the car park light has been mended.
6. Events Fashion Show- no tickets sold yet, but have 4 models. Bonfire Night- still waiting for permission to use the park, Chris to contact the council on Monday. Bonfire to be lit at 6.00pm, fireworks at 6.30 and food from 6.00pm. Food will all be served inside the hall. Quiz and Christmas Fair all in hand. Meet Saturday morning at 9.30 am to discuss new layout.
7. Website Chris and John meeting with Matt on Sunday and he will go through the website with us. He needs photographs of events.
8. AOB Agreed a budget of £500 to replace the benches at the front of the hall. John and Pete to get benches and get them fixed down. Still talking to Tony Whittaker’s family about his memorial bench, Julia dealing with it. Directors to discuss how much we will contribute. Carol suggested it might be worth contacting Bradfield Parish Council to see if their apprentices could help with the project.