Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Worrall Community Association Ltd held at the Memorial Hall on Friday 8th January 2016.

Agenda Item Notes Action/responsibility
1. Apologies Jackie Baines, Simon Littlewood, Mike Smith, Denise Beechill
2. Present Vickie Priestley, Mike Bancroft, Frances Revels, Mandy North, Dave North, Simon Dyson, Chris Kelly, Pete Kelly, Chris Webster, Carole Pipes, Sam Butler, Angela Elliott, Sara Bevan-Widdowson, Robin Widdowson, Margaret Kaye, Janet Cole, Stuart Cole, Peter Walster, Janet Walster, Henry Bryan, Christopher Olewicz, Jeremy Knowles, Amy Burkinshaw, David Lawson, Helen Smith.
Julia Bryan chaired the meeting.
3. Welcome and report Julia thanked everyone for attending the meeting. The minutes of the previous meeting had been circulated and were agreed as a true copy. On the whole, it has been a quiet year. The Gala and Festival combined and we had a very successful weekend. The fashion show and quiz were well attended. The hall has been managed by a very small team. With regret, the Directors accepted Simon Littlewood’s resignation as Chair, for personal reasons .We would like to thank Simon for all his work. Henry Bryan has also resigned as a Director. Again, we would like to thank him for his work as principal organiser of the Worrall Festival. The team is gradually getting smaller, the Directors have been thinking about the meeting structure and how to get more people involved and sharing responsibilities. We would like to thank Robin and Sara for all their work on the Upcycle project. Prop – Stuart
Sec – Pete
4. Treasurer’s Report John Beadman has taken over as Treasurer from Stuart Cole. The auditor’s summary is not available, but will be circulated when it is. Funds for the Hall are healthy. It is used daily by groups, who find the fees reasonable and the facilities good. Only free time is Monday morning. Other income has come from events such as the Gala and fireworks and other fundraising. The bar income has gone up. Gift Aid provides a good income for little work. The main expenditure has been on maintenance for the hall. The shed and the end wall have been replastered and waterproofed. We have had the internet installed with a view to having classes. The feed in tariff also gives a regular income. Current balance- £31, 980.43. Thanks to John for his report.
5. User Groups Afternoon Teas- currently 24 on the books. Numbers are gradually going up.

Chairobics- 10 regular members. Numbers are down a bit. The group had a grant from the Ward Pot to pay for the tutor.

Line Dancing- 24 the previous night.

Other groups- Toddlers, Guides. Keep Fit.

The hall is hired for classes in Pilates and two yoga classes.

6. Bookings Over £3,000 taken for parties. Income also from voting and for the hiring of tables and chairs.
6a. Buildings No major work done, just basic maintenance. Have had racking put in the shed, great improvement. PAT testing needs doing and gas supply needs earth bonding. Main hall needs decorating. Thanks to Pete for all his work.
7. & 8. Election of Directors and confirmation of roles. Currently
Vice Chair- Julia Bryan
Treasurer- John Beadman
Secretary- Chris Beadman
Bookings- Janet Walster
Buildings- Peter Walster

This is a very small team and at times it is difficult to be quorate for meetings. The Directors are not liable for anything. Meetings are held every couple of months.

All the Directors are willing to stand again, and were elected unopposed.

Julia Bryan was elected chair.

In addition, Frances Revels was elected a Director, proposed by Julia and seconded by Janet.

9. Membership and meeting structure The Directors are concerned about the falling number of members .They also felt that by holding separate Directors and members meeting; a lot of information was duplicated. Suggested structure- Directors and Members joint meeting through the year. There could be some issues that only Directors would vote on, matters could be deferred to a Directors meeting if it was felt more discussion was needed and a meeting would need to be held within a month. Any issues around complaints would be discussed by Directors. A quorate number of Directors would be needed for an issue which needed a vote.

We are close to crisis point with the number of Directors. In order to move forward, more people are needed to get involved. Some events e.g. wine tasting, folk evenings have not taken place because there has been no-one to organise them. Would help if people were willing to take the lead on specific events. Events are meant as social occasions for the village. Sara and Robin willing to get involved.

10. Hall and bar charging. Current charges- £10 for classes. Currently, some groups are members of WCA. Suggested that they are required to report to or attend meetings and have one fund-raising commitment. Would be slightly higher rate for non-members. Meeting felt this would not be acceptable to people who were using the hall for business.

Discussed proposal to put fees up to £12 an hour, but it was felt a two- tier charging system not workable. Need to find a way to encourage regular users to come to meetings. Need to be specific about the help we need.

11. Forthcoming events Festival/Gala- 1st-3rd July.
AOB. Upcycle- structure due to be moved to Bradfield School. Applying for Arts Council funding for permanent structure. Need to raise 10-15% matched funding. Robin and Sara looking at crowd funding. Would like to do some walks around the village in the spring.

Planning- Potentially 5 proposed developments in Worrall in 2018. Need to look on Sheffield Council website for further information.