WCA board of directors
Chair Helen Royles-Jones 07545 973525
Vice Chair Stuart Cole 07538671822
Treasurer John Beadman 07483 252310
Secretary Chris Beadman 07501 404240
Activity contact & co-ordinator Josette Collinson 07729611949
Private hire/Party bookings Josette Collinson 07729611949
Publicity Helen Royles-Jones 07545 973525
Maintenance/fire officer Peter Walster 0114 2863134
Director Janet Walster 07415 953586
Safeguarding Christine Beadman 07501404240

The Worrall Community Association (WCA) became a registered charity in 1990 and more recently in 2009 a company with limited liability by guarantee. WCA Ltd is managed by a board of directors, all of which are voluntary.

The current directors cover a range of ages and backgrounds, some of which are employed whilst others are retired.

Roles and Responsibilities of Directors.

Each Directors has an area of responsibility, as shown above, as well as general responsibilities. A key responsibility is to ensure that the running of the hall is carried out on a sound financial basis.

To this aim we hold a contingency fund of a minimum of 2 years running costs. Our main source of funding is from our weekly user groups and private hires, plus our 2 main fundraising events of the Gala/festival & Bonfire night. We also receive donations and apply for grants when relevant.

Weekly users’ groups are run by a mixture of commercial enterprises or voluntary groups. Voluntary activities such as Babies & Toddlers and Afternoon tea, which are run for the benefit of the community, are supported by WCA.

We also support Local and National charities, in 2022 donations were made to the Ukraine Appeal and Sheffield Children’s hospital, following the Wine Tasting evening and Christmas Café. In the past we have also given grants to local schools and individuals to support specific projects, such as the installation of a defibrillator at the Blue Ball pub.

Another responsibility of the Directors is maintence of the building and land. As well as yearly maintence, during late December 22 and early January 23, the hall has undertaken major renovation work resulting in:

  • All internal areas of the hall have been redecorated
  • The wooden floor has been sanded and resealed.
  • A new CH/water boiler has been installed, some radiators have been replaced and the whole system has been checked to ensure its working at maximum efficiency.

The Directors also provide support to the Events group in the planning and running of events.

The Directors meet on a regular basis during the year for General Meetings to discuss operational issues such as finance, maintenance, and forthcoming events.

If you are interest in joining us and becoming a director, or wish to find out more about our role please contact chair@Worrallcomunityassociation.co.uk.

Annual General Meeting

This is where all directors, including the Chair, secretary and treasurer are voted in for the forthcoming year.

For audit purposes, our financial year runs from the 1st November to 31st October. A copy of the accounts is discussed and signed off. Financial priorities, including maintence, for the year are outlined. A list of events for the year are circulated.

Anyone is welcome to attend and this is a good opportunity to meet the Directors and to find out more about the events we host. We are always open to new suggestions for events or activities.

Minutes from the last AGM in January 2023 can be seen here.

Friends of Worrall Community Association

This is for those people who are interested in finding out more about what we do but who prefer to join us on a more informal ad hoc basis. This may include helping us on specific events linked to your personal interests such as gardening or baking, helping out at an afternoon tea session, or just taking an interest in your local community life.

If you are interested in getting involved, please email secretary@worrallcommunityassociation.co.uk.

We will send you regular email updates on our activities and meetings.